About Coach White

Nathan always knew he wanted to be a teacher and a coach.  He student taught and coached football at Phoenix High School in Phoenix, Oregon, taught and coached two years at Mountain Home, Idaho, and then taught and coached at Eagle High School in Eagle, Idaho, for 19 years.  For nine of those 18 years, Nathan taught at Rocky Mountain High school and still coached at Eagle.  He now teaches and coaches back at Eagle, where his daughter and son go to school.

In short, I tell people I am a high school English teacher and football coach with a Jeeping problem.

“A lot changed with COVID-19. I found myself not teaching school, not reading essays, and not working on football plays for the first time in, well, ever.  Another of my passions, Jeeping and rock crawling, was also taken away by a stay-at-home order.  The world took a break and I seem to have a lot to say about it.  The world gave me a chance to share some writing so I decided to finally take the advice I have so feely given students for 20 years.  I signed up on Medium and started publishing a few pieces.  I even made a little money.  By little, I mean .24 cents.  In another month, I might be able to buy a candy bar.

My friend, Kevin Plew, runs websites and blogs.  After reading a few of my essays, he pushed me to create this website and find another avenue to share my writing.  I hope you enjoy it.”

Alum’s Teacher Education Experience Built His Classroom and Coaching Career

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