New Year’s Day Hangover Run

January 1, 2021

Thirty-one rigs met at Albertson’s in Emmett for a High Desert Off Road Hangover Run. We went up Sheep Creek and cut over to 2nd Fork. Unfortunately, the entire way had been plowed, so it was little more than a dirt road drive. Since Howard, Gabe, and Harvey were going, I took my big Jeep instead of my blue Jeep.

We quickly got to the trailer drop off for Sagehen Reservoir, so after an appropriate time of eating lunch, the four of us took off from the group in search of big snow. We found it.

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Howard breaking trail with 42s (Photo by the author)

Gabe broke most of the trail until we found a tough spot. After working on it a while, Howard took to beating on it with his 42″ Pit Bulls and big block motor. After running almost to the top of the hill, we turned around to find that three Toyotas had followed us. Since we were now behind them, luckily they only had to winch once on the way down.

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Gabe’s Jeep headed up the hill to the big snow (Photo by the author)

However, we then came across a group of about five JKs. They were tied off to trees, anchor points, and winches everywhere, about to drive off the road. It reminded me of the Jeep stickers I sometimes see: “Don’t follow me. You won’t make it.” Follow us at your peril. After 15 minutes of waiting, the trail was clear, and we continued to the bottom.

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Cliff, Howard, and I heading down the road (Photo by Joyce Miller)

We had about 40 miles of plowed road to get back to the trailers. On the way, Howard heard a noise. We started looking, and I noticed a loose wheel spacer on his driver’s front. Since I had just had a wheel spacer issue on my little Jeep, I was in tune with that problem. By the time we made it back to the trailer, he had done a lot of damage.

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A loose wheel spacer (photo by Howard Shields)
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Loose wheel spacers cause damage (Photo by Howard Shields)

I am still fighting a small ignition problem that caused my Jeep to run a little poorly, which in turn caused me to get terrible gas mileage. I need to change my rotor and see if that’s the issue.

We put in almost 100 miles in Jeeps. Normally, that isn’t that big of a deal, but 100 miles in a crawler is a long way. I would have been more comfortable in my little Jeep, but I still had fun.

Overall, it is a great start to wheeling in 2021.

Written by: NathanWhite